LZ Field
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 Contact for more information regarding volunteer opportunities.

Numerous volunteer opportunities exist for

LZQB Club members

including but not limited to the following:

Game Day Preparation

Committee Chairs & Administrative

ConcessionsCoordination & Ordering

Event Coordination Social/Fundraising 

Fundraising Sponsorship Opportunities

Player Meals Coordination & Distribution

LZ Field
LZ Logo

President:  Mike Weber
VP (Upperclassmen):  Dan Breeman
VP (Underclassmen):  Clancy Siko
Treasurer:  Dave Kenyon
Secretary:  Jen Grinnip

Concessions:  Breanna Virginelli
Communications:  Vicky Veil
Webmaster:  Tracy Meyer
Social Media: Krissy Guidici

Mama Bear:  Kristin Clausen

2021 Board and Appointed Positions